Beef Wellington My way

Beef Wellington I love making foods that look very impressive but actually aren’t too complicated to make. One of my favourite main course meat dishes is a Beef Wellington. It looks like a present – all inviting and ready to be opened. Once opened it reveals itself as a succulent piece of meat. There are … Continue reading Beef Wellington My way

Pesto Bread

Friends are those people that you surround yourself with whom you can choose for yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and feel very fortunate to have such a close relationship with them. However, friends are just as important. I am lucky to have three best friends who are practically family, we support … Continue reading Pesto Bread


Bagels are associated with Ashkenazi Jewish traditions. Bagels were apparently first made in Poland, when Jews were allowed to make their own white bread. They were made by hand with wheat flour, yeast and water. The notion of boiling them was to create a protective edge to stop them becoming stale too quickly. When you … Continue reading Bagels