Jam Duffins

A duffin, I hear you ask?!?! This is the name given to a scrumptious piece of fluffiness that is a cross between a doughnut and a muffin. I am not going to pretend that these are healthy but they are definitely healthier than a real doughnut as a duffin is baked rather than deep fried. … Continue reading Jam Duffins

Cheesecake; and ode to Great Grandma

Did you know that you have about 2,000 – 4,000 taste buds and that they begin developing from when you are in your mother’s womb? I always joked that I was born craving Coca Cola and Galaxy chocolate as apparently that is all my mum ate and drank whilst she was pregnant with me, and it took me 25 years to kick the fizzy drink habit!

So you are probably wondering why I am talking about taste buds and what on earth it has to do with the title of today’s post. Well I will let you into a secret, I used to hate Cheesecake, butter, cream, bannans and weirldly cucumbers. However, a couple of years ago I began to realise that my taste buds had begun to develop or some would say ‘mature’, though I still don’t like butter and cucumbers! I finally figured out that I had been missing out on the amazing taste of cheesecake all these years!!! As I couldn’t bear the idea of cheesecake I couldn’t bring myself to make it, therefore I must confess that I have only begun making it in recent months.

Jewish festivals are usually centred around food and there are certain foods eaten during certain festivals. Shavuot which falls in May/June is all about the cheesecake! This year I was determined to make my first cheesecake. As I was going to be travelling just before the festival began, I needed to find a relatively easy and quick recipe that of course would taste amazing! I did a couple of google searches and looked at many of my cookery books but nothing satisfied my requirements. Then came the brainwave, put a request on the family WhatsApp groups that span many different generations and countries as nothing beats a good family recipe. Amazingly within about 5 minutes I had a copy of my Great Grandmother’s recipe ( though this was the WhatsApp group for a different side of the family), that more than fit my requirements! I was now excited to make a cheesecake, especially as it was at the end of Shavuot two years ago that Great Grandma had passed away. I thought what a better way to honour her memory than her eldest Great Grandaughter making her cheescake ( and eventually writing about it in her blog!).

Great Grandma, I’m sure you wouldn’t have minded (as I understand this is exactly what you would do) but I have adapted the recipe ever so slightly, giving it a little twist using some of my favourite flavours – ginger and blueberries.The results were rather tasty, and this is now going to become a regular recipe, not just for Shavuot but for the whole year!

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Healthy Snacking

Technology and social media have their pros and in my mind massive cons (but I will leave that debate out of this blog!). Nevertheless, I am ever so guilty of indulging in the phenomenon that is the short food videos from the likes of Tasty, Tastemade and Goodful. I find myself waking up in the … Continue reading Healthy Snacking

Maroon Quinoa Salad

My favourite colours are purple and maroon. They are such warm and inviting colours. When making or choosing your food, you are often attracted to food that is full of warm colours. I have a theory that people are also often attracted to eat food that are in their favourite colours. I know that theory … Continue reading Maroon Quinoa Salad

Beer Bread

Beer and bread have much in common, it’s basic ingredients of water, grain and yeast, bring people together to consume them and the many varieties they come in. I am actually writing this whilst on the Euro Tunnel on my way back from a mini driving tour of Holland and Belgium. Whilst Holland was lovely … Continue reading Beer Bread