Maroon Quinoa Salad

My favourite colours are purple and maroon. They are such warm and inviting colours. When making or choosing your food, you are often attracted to food that is full of warm colours. I have a theory that people are also often attracted to eat food that are in their favourite colours. I know that theory … Continue reading Maroon Quinoa Salad

Beer Bread

Beer and bread have much in common, it’s basic ingredients of water, grain and yeast, bring people together to consume them and the many varieties they come in. I am actually writing this whilst on the Euro Tunnel on my way back from a mini driving tour of Holland and Belgium. Whilst Holland was lovely … Continue reading Beer Bread

Challah Cone

I am not sure that I have ever met someone who doesn’t love Challah, have you? I make challah on a weekly basis and look forward to the process every week. Before the days of working full time I used to make my Challot fresh on a Friday, trying to time it so that they would … Continue reading Challah Cone