A slight change in direction

Food has been the centre of my existence from as far back as I can remember. Food played an integral part in my upbringing. Though it wasn’t just any food, it was good, homemade food, often using recipes that were passed down from previous generations. I can honestly say that I come from a family … Continue reading A slight change in direction

Nutella Bread

HEAVEN! This is the only (polite) word that can be used to describe this bread. It is by far one of the best breads I have ever made; yes I know it’s another one of my vain comments. I think thrilled covers my reaction to the request that came in for making this bread, though … Continue reading Nutella Bread

Date and Walnut Bread

Dates originate from the Middle East, which is quite fitting as I am writing this whilst in Israel, on a very short visit. This week has be something of an emotional rollercoaster, as we learnt about the passing of my Great Grandmother, here in Israel. My Great Grandma, who was born in Britain moved to … Continue reading Date and Walnut Bread

Banana Bread

Did you know that in the UK on average each person eats 10kg of bananas a year, which roughly worked out means that the UK consumes five billion bananas each year?  Nope, I bet you didn’t know; well now you do! Banana, whose origin is in Southeast Asia and is one of the most commonly … Continue reading Banana Bread

Pesto Bread

Friends are those people that you surround yourself with whom you can choose for yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and feel very fortunate to have such a close relationship with them. However, friends are just as important. I am lucky to have three best friends who are practically family, we support … Continue reading Pesto Bread


Nothing compares to that moment on a Friday night when you are sitting with family and friends and you take that first bite of your Challah. Nothing can completely prepare you for the warmth that is about to enter your mouth, even more so when you know its homemade Challah! It only seems right to … Continue reading Challah